Membership Fees: 

Black Belt:
National Rank Certification, Validation and Promotion Fees for Black Belt (Member) Ranks:

  • 1st Degree - $150.00 USD

  • 2nd Degree - $175.00 USD

  • 3rd Degree - $200.00 USD

  • 4th Degree - $225.00 USD

  • 5th Degree - $250.00 USD

  • 6th Degree - $275.00 USD

  • 7th Degree - $300.00 USD

  • 8th Degree - $325.00 USD

  • 9th Degree - $350.00 USD

  • 10th Degree - $375.00 USD

Note: Life Members lock-in a “flat” discounted fee of $150.00 for any Dan Grade Level.

Below Black Belt:
CJJC now issues Kyu or Class Level ("below" Black Belt) Certificates to its Member Certified Instructor / Examiners!

*Dan level certification fees may be waived for new member instructors who register and certify the ranks of five black belts or twenty-five non-black belt students.

**Must hold current rank in the CJJC®  National System to receive Instructor/Examiner Certification.

Membership Fees for Individuals belonging to a Partner or Affiliate Martial Arts Organization:

Current LIFE MEMBERS of a Partner Martial Arts Organization:
·    Annual Membership: $50.00 per year

A copy, of your current annual or life membership card or certificate from a partner or affiliate organization, is required to receive the CJJC member discount